Stratagem: Field Commander

Type: upgrade
Category: Stratagems
Categories: Stratagems
EntryId: d043-3847-e963-fb5d
Hidden: false
Costs: -1 CP


max(force): 1
max: 1


Field Commander

Use this Stratagem before the battle if you used any Specialist Detachment Stratagems when choosing your army. Choose one CHARACTER from your army that has gained a keyword from a Specialist Detachment Stratagem that is not your Warlord and is not a named character. You can give that character the Warlord Trait of the Specialist Detachment they are part of (note that this character is only regarded as your Warlord for the purpose of that Warlord Trait). This Stratagem can only be used once for each Specialist Detachment Stratagem you have used (spend 1 CP each time you use it). No two characters can have the same Warlord Trait.

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