New Recruit News

Update 231

  • ROSZ file import: importing a ROSZ file from Battlescribe will now retain custom unit names from Battlescribe (if you have a NR sub).
  • Team Tournaments: there is a new button to generate pairing cards as PNG or PDF. It can be found when you open a Team's page (under Teams, click the name of a Team to open its page).
  • T9A Game Assistant: fixed a bunch of bugs and slightly improved the UI
  • T9A: implemented the yearly update for all 16 factions
  • Warhammer 40k: improved export formats to add a header with some information about the army. Also added a new "SHORT" export format that will have just 1 line for each unit, it won't contain the detailed loadout of each model but may be useful to quickly send through Discord to show the idea of an army, as 40k lists can be quite long and often don't fit in a normal Discord message.
  • "Play mode": a new option "play mode" has been added to the main builder view when you uncollapse the top dropdown. Selecting this will just remove the delete and duplicate unit buttons, and make clicking a unit show its profile instead of editing the unit.

Update 230

  • New Option: under Army Edition: On small screen, show unit options in the main view
  • Quick unit creation: by right clicking a unit in the left panel (on desktop), you can quickly add a unit, without opening the unit edition panel
  • New Option: under Unit Edition, you can select "Use radio buttons for unique choices", cosmetic change for those who prefer radio buttons like in Battlescribe
  • My Miniatures: there is now a "Built" tag you can assign miniatures, to let you list miniatures you have not built yet
  • My Miniatures: added buttons to mark all miniatures as built or as painted, reworked the UI a little bit
  • Tournaments: it is now possible to configure Cost Limits for your tournament. The list checking will use these cost limits instead of the cost limits specified in player lists
  • Tournaments: new option to choose a Text Export Format from the different formats available in NR, for games that have more than 1
  • Team Tournaments: on the Team Match page (where you do the team pairings), you can now export Pairing Cards as PDF
  • And MANY bug fixes!

Update 229

Hi everyone, and thank you for the numerous suggestions you made in the Discord channel, keep it going! Here is a summary of all the new stuff added during this week.


  • It is now possible to follow a tournament, in the tournament details. This will add the tournament to your My Tournaments tab, which previously only had the tournaments you played in.
  • You can now follow a player or a team in a tournament. This will let the Discord bot send you messages when results involving the player or team are submitted
  • New button to import all tournament lists to your NR library. They will have a tag with the tournament name.
  • New button to export tournament results to CSV format (under Rankings)

My Miniatures

  • Miniatures can be sorted alphabetically
  • Miniature list can be exported to text
  • You can now filter your miniature list by faction, or search by name


  • List Options: new option to export lists to JSON (not available for T9A)
  • New button to delete all lists, this button will only delete lists that are displayed so you can filter by name to delete all lists imported from a tournament easily for example
  • Under Options / Appearance you can now Share a theme. This will create a link you can send to friends, this will import your theme to their team list when they click the link
  • When clicking on the "eye" icon to preview units, all available weapons and options are displayed, not just the default selections
  • When searching for a unit, it will search through all available weapons and keywords, not just the default selections
  • Fixed a bug where exporting a list would sometimes export all available options and not just the selected ones
  • And many more bug fixes

Update 228

  • Tournaments: Fixed several bugs that would greatly slowdown tournament UI in large tournaments. There are still be things to be improved and optimized for the tournament UI to run smooth in large tournaments. These problems are due to the "reactive" nature of NR's tournament UI that automatically updates when receiving changes like new results.
  • Tournaments: Added a button to export tournament results as CSV, in the Rankings section
  • Offline mode: Offline mode has been improved. In some cases, lists would not load while offline even if the proper book data was installed in the browser, this should no longer happen. Also, clicking on the "Install for offline use" button will also download game system icons (like faction icons) which were sometimes missing before when offline.
  • Army builder: Radio buttons are now displayed in place of checkboxes for unique choices. This does not affect T9A yet as the T9A builder is built on a different system. May change in the future.
  • Lists are now automatically saved when navigating to a different page. Sometimes, you had a unit open in the builder, clicked an other page like Profile or Tournaments, and that would not save the changes made to the unit being edited
  • The name of the currently edited list now appears in browser tabs
  • 9th Age: Added the Dread Fleet supplement

Update 227

  • Added Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th edition
  • In the Unit search bar, you can now search for more than 1 keyword using "," and "+". KEY1,KEY2 will find units that have AT LEAST 1 keywords, KEY1+KEY2 will match units that have BOTH.
  • It is now possible to log in using your email address instead of your account name
  • Made it impossible to create new accounts ending with blank spaces to avoid confusion
  • Fixed a bug that made the "Builder" always return to the list of lists when it should lead you back to the last list you were editing.
  • Paypal can now be used as a payment method if you want to support New Recruit (better late than never, this has been requested for years!). Currently it is limited to 1 time payments, it is possible to make subscriptions with Paypal but it requires extra work to implement so I will do it later. Also disabled it for now unless you go for a 1 year sub mainly because Paypal takes high fixed fees on payments and I estimated it amounts to too much on a 1 month sub. I may change that later if there is demand though.
  • The 9th age: added Cult of Ehramman
  • Fixed a bunch of small UI bugs and did a few small UI improvements

Update 226

  • The unit search box now searches through "secondary categories", that is "Keywords" for Warhammer 40,000. This allows you to easily filter units you want if you need units that have a certain keyword.
  • Secondary categories (aka Kewords for 40k) are now displayed when you click on the "eye" icon to preview unit profiles
  • Custom unit names are now (finally) displayed in the "Pretty" export
  • Fixed some bugs with the List Options / Select book version function. This function allows you to use older versions of a book for your lists. Previously it would sometimes require a page reload for this to take effect
  • 9th age : updated Orcs and Goblins.
  • 9th age : updated Legions of Sin. Still kind of work in progress as there were a lot of changes and many were missed, I hope to have everything sorted out this week.

Update 225

  • Tournnaments: link to a round: it is now possible to copy a link to a specific tournament round, or group in group+playoff tournament.
  • Tournaments: players export: tournament admins can no export a list of all players in CSV (works with Excel) format, it includes player and team names, payment status and faction played
  • Warhammer 40k text exports: It is now possible to export lists in text format using 2 different format: GW format, that should look as close as possible to the output from the official app, and the WTC format for 10th (called WTC10). These are still work in progress, please report any issue on the Discord!
  • The 9th age: army size: when you uncollapse the toplevel dropdown in the builder, you can now select which army size rules you want to use, between normal, warband and grand army. Automatic will use rules based on the cost limit of the list (warband <3000, grand army >8000) but it is now possible to override this to use the rules you may need
  • And a lot of bug fixes! Thanks to everyone who report bugs on the Discord!

New Recruit Weekly Update

Hello everyone,

As the New Recruit community is growing, I felt it was becoming necessary to inform everyone about the frequent updates happening on New Recruit, because a lot of new things go unnoticed. I will be sending weekly updates to sum up everything that was done on New Recruit during the week.

New Recruit is updated frequently, almost daily, with bug fixes and new features, small or big. You should only see this message once on every device where you use New Recruit (unless you log out or delete New Recruit's cache).

Update 224

  • Added the News system (in fact it already existed but was broken and unused for years).
  • Translation: Fixed bugs with translation. The New Recruit UI can be translated in 2 languages at the moment, French and Chinese. These translations are incomplete though. Game data is not translated at all except for The 9th Age where some stuff may be missing. I will start a new project to allow the community to easily translate game data during the months to come. This will allow generating publicly available translation files for BSData that New Recruit will use. Other apps that use BSData will also have free access to these files if they wish to provide translations for game data. This project is not started yet and may take several months to see the light of day.
  • Options Menu: Added a few new options:
  • Unit Edition: Display icons for option types. At the moment there are only 2 types of icons.
  • model The "miniature" icon next to options that represent a model, it can be useful to know which options will actually generate models in game simulators like TTS through Yellowscribe and Warhall for the Ninth Age.
  • The "weapon" icon next to options that represent a weapon, only in Warhammer 40k at the moment. Also useful to spot errors on Yellowscribe
  • Army Edition: 2 new options that may be useful on tablets or smaller screens, to automatically hide the left panel, or completely hide the left panel et use the + button to hide units, like on mobile
  • Profiles: Added back stats to player profiles (accessible in the menu profile). Stats used to be there but were gone after an update a few months ago. In your player profile you can submit game reports to keep track of the games you played and see these stats
  • Added a game system setting to automatically select a default force when creating a new Roster. Currently only used in AOS to have new lists automatically select the 2023-2024 GHB force but may be useful in the future for other games.
  • Major bug fix: There was a bug, that may have been introduced a couple months ago. This caused game data files not to automatically update in some cases and some people had to go to Menu/Force Update to fix that. If somehow this is still happening to you, you can always do the Force Update thing. Please let me know on Discord if you notice anything like that happening again.
  • And a lot of small bug fixes...