New Recruit News

New Recruit now available for more tabletop games!


Hi everyone!

After months of hard work, New Recruit has now be made available for more tabletop games!

The following games are now available during a test phase that may last a couple of months and then more games will be added.

Warhammer 40 000, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War. Warhammer Armies Project.

New Recruit is compatible with Battlescribe file formats, you can import your Battlescribe Rosters directly into New Recruit, or even export New Recruit rosters as .ros files compatible with Battlescribe or other tools that read these files like some Tabletop Simulator mods. All games currently supported in Battlescribe will be supported in New Recruit in the future.

All profile and tournament related features that were only available for The 9th Age will now work for all games. Player profiles, tournaments, leagues, ELO based ladders, stats reports...

Building lists, and organizing tournaments has never been easier!

Version 191 - Introducing Leagues


Hello everyone,

I added a new feature in version 191: Leagues.

Leagues are basically groups of tournaments.

When you create a League, you can attach as many Tournaments are you want to your League. A tournament can belong in more than 1 League.

Right now the basic functionality of Leagues is to provide a Ladder for your league. Once you add tournaments to a league, you are able to see the Ladder for your league. These rankings use an ELO system with a formula adjusted to account for the score. In the future I may give the option to give your own formula for your League.

There may be new functionalities later for Leagues as I receive suggestions and ideas.

2022 Point Update


Hello all,

New Recruit is updated to 2022 points. All armies are updated.

Since New Recruit has a tournament managing tool, I need to keep 2021 data for ongoing tournaments.

To use the new 2022 points, you must create a new list and select The Ninth Age (2022)

You can export 2021 lists using the text export feature and import them into 2022 using Import Clipboard. Create at least 1 list in 2022 manually in order for the Import Clipboard button to show.

Happy New Year!

Version 158



Version 158 changes.

  • Support for Groups + Direct Elimination tournaments. Basic so far but improvements will come. Please contact me directly if you want to organize this kind of tournament so we can discuss features that may be missing

  • Optimized the loading of tournaments. Loading tournaments should be much faster than before on low latencies (mostly if you are in the USA, it was very slow before). I hope tournaments will now load fast enough.

Some changes were made to Tournament management so it is not impossible that I introduced bugs in existing features. Please contact me if you encounter any problem.

Version 157



I released version 157 this morning with some bug fixes:

  • Fixed various bugs with the Combat Simulator related to Special Attacks not triggering properly

  • Fixed some bugs with the List Import feature that would not work properly with BSBs with multiple enchants or sometimes import 2X the same enchant when the list only had it 1 times (like BSBs getting 2x legion banner)

  • Made a change to Goblins: Existing units of Goblins may have some problems like Bows or Shield may be missing. You can just edit your Goblins units to fix them in existing lists. I had to make this change because previously Goblins had 2 different kinds of Bows and Shield (for Common that could be combined, and for other greenhide races). This caused the List Import to be confused not knowing which instance of Bow or Shield to activate when importing a list. Things should now work perfectly but old lists will be slightly broken.

Version 154


Hello everyone,

I release frequent updates to New Recruit with various improvement and new features. I will be posting more news about the updates from now on to keep you posted on what's new. When there is an update, it should take a couple of page refreshes for your browser to download and install it automatically. You can go to the menu and click Force Update to make sure you have the latest version.

Version 154

  • Unit Profiles (users with a sub only): it is now possible to click the Size and Type of units to access the rule for sizes and types. For example if a profile says Gigantic Beast you can now click Gigantic and Beast to find what these rules do.

  • Team Tournaments: When you create a Team Tournament, you must select the number of players per team. For example, 4. This means that during Team Pairings, New Recruit will trigger 4 matches using the 4 vs 4 Team Pairings procedure. However it is now possible to have extra players in the team. If you have teams of 5 players in a 4 player Tournament, then a new step will be triggered during Team Pairings so let you "bench" the players that will not participate for this round. So if you have teams of 5 in a 4 player Team Tournament, then each team will be asked to bench 1 player as a preliminary step of the Team Pairings procedure.

Version 152 and Rules



I made some changes to Rules data in version 152.

As a result if your browser does not update to version 152 automatically (and you still have version 151), and you have a NR sub you may encounter bugs with rules not displaying or profiles not displaying at all.

To fix this you can go to the menu and click Force Update to make sure you have version 152.

Please let me know if you encounter any problem with this.

ID Alpha 4 is up!


Hi everyone,

I just updated New Recruit for the new ID Alpha 4 book.

Please notice me via email/forum/Discord if you notice any errors!

Removed old Vermin Swarm, potential bugs


Hey guys,

In this version, I removed the Old Vermin Swarm book as it is obsolete.

This can potentially cause problems if you have old Vermin Swarm lists because I did not plan the case of a book being removed. I had some errors in version 100 after removing the old VS book in the game assistant, but there could potentially be other errors elsewhere. I applied a fix in version 101 that should not cause errors in the Game Assistant if you had Old VS lists. If you encounter any problem you can:

- Force update to version 101 if your browser did not get it automatically (usually it updates after 2 page refreshes, but it will not update if you have multiple tabs open because an open tab on an older versions blocks the update).

- If you are still having problems, you can Log Out and Log In again. This will clear the old VS list files in your browser. Make sure you Sync first before doing it if you made changes.

Please notice me on the forum or on Discord if you still have any problem because there might be cases where the presence of old VS list still cause bugs.

Lists unsaved since yesterday's


Hi all, yesterday's update introduced a bug that prevented lists from being saved on the server. As a results, new lists created since yesterday afternoon were lost.

This bug is now fixed, and I apologize for the inconvenience.