New Recruit News

Improving the Yellowscribe export

Hello everyone,

I am starting to tackle a longstanding problem with Yellowscribe and NR for Warhammer 40k.

Yellowscribe is a tool that does 2 things

  • Step 1: Turn a "ROSZ file" into a "Yellowscribe roster"
  • Step 2: Load the "Yellowscribe roster" into TTS using the Yellowscribe TTS mode

Until now, New Recruit first turned the "New Recruit Roster" into a "ROSZ file" before sending it to Yellowscribe for Step 1

I made a new Yellowscribe export that skips Step 1 and directly turns a "New Recruit Roster" into a "Yellowscribe Roster"

This means that, as a New Recruit dev, I have more control to what happens, and can fix bugs directly without having to rely on the Yellowscribe dev, and can better adapt to the Warhammer 40k game data to always export correct data for Yellowscribe.

If you find any kind of problem with Yellowscribe, please, report them to the yellowscribe-bug-reports channel on Discord, as I will now be able to fix these problems.

The "old" Yellowscribe export is still available, so you can try both under List Options / Export List

Click "NR Scribe" to try the new export that directly turns the NR Roster into a Yellowscribe Roster

Click "Yellow Scribe" to use the old export that relies on Yellowscribe's Step 1, I will eventually remove it but I am leaving it for now in case there are problems with the new export.

Recent updates

Hi everyone, here are the some most recently added features you may not have noticed in New Recruit.

  • Search Bar: it is now possible to enter point values in the search bar, and it will filter out units that cost more than the value entered
  • On mobile devices: the header of the unit panel should now be sticky, making it easier to close units
  • Tournaments: added a button to modify game results, it will only appear if you have permission. Note that this button effectively deletes the results, and opens a result input form, using the previous results, so you still need to submit the new form even if you make no changes, or results will be lost!
  • Tournaments: Admins can now define Win Conditions. That is a number of point difference, I called draw range, that defines a draw. Previously, this would always be 0, meaning a point difference of 0 meant a draw. You can now increase that number to say that it takes 10 or more point difference for a player to be considered the winner of a game.
  • Tournaments: The automatic calculation table feature for Advanced Scoring has been improved. Previously it was only possible to use percentages for victory point difference, based on the maximum costs defined for the tournament. You can now directly set up a fixed point value

Last updates

Hey everyone, here is a summary of some of the improvements that were implemented during last month!

  • Tournaments: "Primary/Secondary" scoring system has been renamed "Advanced scoring". It is now possible to rename the point types and to use an automatic calculation table that calculates the primary points based on the input of the secondary points from users.
  • Tournaments: Many bug fixes for the Double Elimination bracket tournament style, currently mostly used by the 40k Alpha League. The display of brackets also has been greatly improved as it was a bit confusing before
  • The Old World: The Game Assistant for The Old World now features Virtual Spell cards and Spell Selection. You can select the spell you chose at the start of the game and easily view virtual spell cards on your phone or tablet. You can also use your spell list to select the spells you or your opponent already cast during the turn, making it easy to see what you have left for the turn.
  • The Old World: Under List Options, you can now Export Spells, this will generate a PDF file you can easily print with generated spell cards for all the wizards in your list. The option was here before but did not work
  • The 9th Age: Reworked the display of rules and weapon selection in Unit Panels (for subscribers).
  • "Lost" rules (rules you lose if you selected something, like losing scoring) are now invisible. Previously they were displayed in red barred text, that took screen space for nothing.
  • Unselected weapons are now displayed in gray italic instead of red barred text
  • All available weapons should now be selectable, previously, weapons granted by special rules would not appear or would not be selectable (VS Bloodfur Praetorians that grant GW for example)
  • Changed the sorting of rules to display selectable rules first, and then the rest of the rules, ordered alphabetically

Game Assistant rework

Hi all!

The Game Assistant has been improved!

  • It is now possible to save/load multiple games, instead of having just one save.
  • The Game Assistant is now available for The Old World! Only the victory point calculator is in for now, but I think it's the most useful part. I may add the spell card management later if there is demand. It should also work in connection with the tournament tool!

Update summary

Hi everyone, here is a summary of the new features added to New Recruit in the past few weeks/months. A lot of work has been done to improve the capabilities of the tournament tool.

  • New option for mobile devices: there is a new option in Menu / Options / General: Show the menu at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices
  • New option: Under Options / Army edition there is " Include constant options in the main view". "Constant options" are selections that are mandatory on a unit, you can decide to show or hide them from the option list displayed in the main builder view. When editing a unit, you can show/hide these "constant options" by clicking an icon on the header of the panel. Example below

  • Tournaments: it is now possible to create tournaments that use double elimination brackets. In a double elimination bracket, players are knocked down to a loser bracket when they lose a game. These can be combined with "group rounds" or "swiss rounds".
  • Tournaments: You can now generate a playoff bracket (double or single elimination) at any stage in swiss rounds tournaments. This will generate a bracket and place the top X players into that bracket (X being prompted when you click the button). You can use that to create tournaments with just a bracket and 0 swiss rounds as well.
  • Tournaments: It is possible to create "Groups" tournaments without a playoff bracket. Previously you could only create groups+bracket tournaments.
  • Tournaments: In Groups or Groups+Direct elimination tournaments, you can now generate the groups (now called "pods") using the rankings of a League that the tournament belongs in. This will place players into pods based on their ranking in the selected league, putting top players together. An option may be added later to instead put one top "seeded" player in each pod.
  • Tournaments: There is a new button to import players from a past tournament into a new tournament. It will pull the rankings from the selected tournament and import the top X players from the past tournament into the new tournament. This may be improved later by generating a list of players, selecting the top players by default, but letting you manually chose which players to import. At the moment you can always import a bit more players than necessary and delete players that you don't want to import.

Update 242

Hello everyone, here is a summary of the changes to New Recruit in the past month that you may have missed!

  • Tournaments: greatly improved the LOG tab. You can now filter log events, account name of the initiator of events is displayed and more events are now added to the log (previously there was only pairing related events), like game results submitted.
  • Tournaments: improvements to multiple list per players management. When a player has more than one list, they can select which list was used for each match. Further improvements to multi list tournaments will be made to accommodate online tournaments/leagues, to automatically allow players to submit new lists after certain rounds. Right now the tournament has to be changed to OPEN status to let players submit new lists which is not very convenient.
  • Tournaments: Added a new option to the Tie Breakers (under Scoring), to use POINT DIFFERENCE instead of just points total as a tiebreaker when generating rankings
  • Builder: It is now possible to add comments to a list (requires a NR subscription). This will be improved so you can attach comments to forces and units in the future, not just the list itself
  • Favourites: fixed some bugs with favourites not saving properly, and added the possibility to rename them
  • Builder: There are now links to rules that are referenced by other rules in descriptions. This previously was only available for T9A but should now work for all games.
  • The Old World: added faction icons, thanks to Warhall for providing them! Warhall is an amazing wargaming simulator, available for The Old World, The 9th Age, Armada and Warhammer Armies Project, check it out if you have not tried it yet! You can even play it in the browser without having to install anything on your computer.

Update 235

Hello everyone,

With the release of The Old World, we've been super busy and I have not posted updates about new features in New Recruit for a while, but in addition to the support of The Old World, there have bean numerous small improvements along the way that you may have missed. Here is a summary:

  • The Old World is fully supported, most bugs and errors have been fixed but please keep posting any error you spot on Discord!
  • My Miniatures: there is now a Duplicate button
  • My Miniatures: new filter to only show Unpainted or Not Built miniatures, so you can easily see how much work is left :)
  • New option : Menu / Options / Army Edition: "Show units on several columns in the main view (large screens only)"
  • Battlescribe Import: You can now select multiple files at once when importing ROS/ROSZ files to instantly import all your lists from Battlescribe
  • Warhammer 40k: The "Configuration" category is now collapsed by default. This behavior could be configured for other games as well, please let me know if you think it would be useful to have a category collapsed by default for other games.
  • Play mode: when in play mode, and using "Custom View", modifications are locked so you cannot accidentally move units while playing
  • Builder: when categories have point limits (like maximum rare units for example), the remaining points left to spend is now displayed in parenthesis
  • T9A: added the new objectives and deployment types used for the next ETC
  • T9A: Combat Simulator: changed the "Add aura" to pop a window that shows all available auras
  • Pretty Export: LOTS of improvements
  • Bugs: TONS of bugs fixed all over

Update 236

The Old World now available! The 9 initial factions are implemented, legacy factions will be coming in the coming week. If you find point errors or other kind of problems please report them on Discord in the Old World bug reports channel!

There is also a new Menu/Options/Army edition: Show units on several columns in the main view. This has been available for some time now but I did not advertise for it, so you may have missed it. Useful on large screens to have a more condensed view of your lists.


Warhall is a 3d tabletop game simulator that let you play miniature games online. Historically made for The 9th Age, it has been expanding and now supports The Old World.

New Recruit is partnering with Warhall.

Warhall makes it super easy and extremely fast to setup a game online. You can import your New Recruit lists, deploy your army in 1 clic, generate terrain. Warhall has a host of very useful tools to show precise distance measurements, move units, show lines of sight, it makes playing miniature games online a blast compared to other software.

You can try it now online in the browser, or download Windows/Mac clients here:

Find an opponent, and within 5 minutes you can start turn 1!

The Old World

The Old World is being added to New Recruit.

Right now there is only a "preview" online, units are created but equipment and magic items are missing.

The only faction that is complete is Dwarves, but runes are missing.

An update will be released tonight, hopefully with most factions done.

The 9 initial factions should be done within next week in any case.

Font display issue since the Themes update

Hello everyone,

I had a few reports of a problem with text disappearing in the main view, or when hovering units since the Themes update.

This is caused by 2 settings, that are somehow not set properly on some themes made before the update.

You can fix this problem by re-applying a theme or by changing the following settings under Menu / Options / Appearance:

  • Units Background: make sure the background color is not the same as the font color, or if it is, lowerthe transparency bar to the right to have the text visible. It should be initiated to 10% but somehow it seems set to 100% for some people.
  • Table Hover color: this applies a (normally transparent) overlay when you hover the mouse cursor on units or other tables. Make sure this has a low enough transparency value so that text is readable (10% is generally good).