Welcome to New Recruit

An army builder for the 9th age.

New Recruit is a progressive web application (pwa) that allows you to create army lists for The 9th Age. All 16 official armies are supported and up to date.There are many builders out there, so what makes New Recruit special? Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

New Recruit is free

New Recruit is 100% free with no adds. You can start using it instantly by clicking on the app link, or here. While you can create an account to use the sync feature described below, it is optional and you can instantly try the builder in 1 click.

New Recruit works everywhere

As a progressive web app, New Recruit stacks the advantages of applications and websites. Since it works in the browser, New Recruit works on any platform that has a web browser, be it a computer, a tablet or a phone. It is optimized to fit nicely in all screen sizes and take advantage of the available space as best as possible.

New Recruit is accessible offline

When you access the app using the url https://www.newrecruit.eu/app, New Recruit is automatically "installed" in your browsers cache. Don't worry it tales less than 1mo of space and can be removed at any time. What this means however, is that you will be able to use New Recruit offline at anytime (until you delete it from your browser's cache). This comes in handy if you want to build lists in places where you don't have internet access. This feature works on most browsers, Apple is lagging behind on pwa support and it requires a recent version of Safari (I think 12), so older iPhones will not have the offline feature. However New Recruit will still work, but like a traditionnal website with data being sent back and forth between the server and your browser.

You can easily synchronize your lists between all your devices

Let's say you want to build a list using your computer and want to access it on your phone while playing, this is very simple to do. New Recruit has a synchronize button that will send your lists to the server and download any list you synchronized before on an other device. Obviously, this feature requires an internet connection!

New Recruit can be installed on your system and behave like an app

If you use a modern browser with pwa support, a pop up should ask you if you want to install New Recruit, or add it to your desktop, the first time you use it. If you chose to do so, an app icon will appear on the desktop of your device and you will be able to access New Recruit using this icon. The nice thing is that, when used this way, there is no more browser navigation bar which can be nice on a phone with a relatively small screen.

Here is the App!