Noise Marines

Type: unit
Categories: Faction: Chaos, Faction: Heretic Astartes, Infantry, Faction: Slaanesh, Mark of Chaos, Faction: Traitoris Astartes, Core, Noise Marines
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Hidden: false
Costs: 6 PL
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Let the Galaxy Burn
See page 145 of Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Malicious Volleys
Instead of following the normal rules for Rapid Fire weapons, models in this unit firing Rapid Fire bolt weapons make double the number of attacks if any of the following apply:

• The shooting model’s target is within half the weapon’s range.
• The shooting model is INFANTRY and its unit Remained Stationary in your previous Movement phase.
• The shooting model is a TERMINATOR or BIKER model.

For the purposes of this ability, a Rapid Fire bolt weapon is any bolt weapon (as defined on paeg 176) with the Rapid Fire type.



Mark of Slaanesh
- If this unit starts the Fight phase within Engagement Range of any enemy units, it fights first that phase. - If this unit has the ICON keyword, each time a model in this unit makes a melee attack, add 1 to that attack's hit roll.











Noise Marine 6" 3+ 3+ 4 4 2 3 8 3+


add category Faction: Alpha Legion
1 Alpha Legion in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Black Legion
1 Black Legion in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Creations of Bile
1 Creations of Bile in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Emperor's Children
1 Emperor's Children in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Iron Warriors
1 Iron Warriors in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Night Lords
1 Night Lords in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Red Corsairs
1 Red Corsairs in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Word Bearers
1 Word Bearers in force (recursive)
add category Faction: World Eaters
1 World Eaters in force (recursive)
set PL 12
6+ model in Noise Marines (recursive)
set hidden true
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