Chaos Sokar Pattern Stormbird

Type: model
Category: Lord of War
Categories: Faction: Chaos, Fly, Vehicle, Titanic, Transport, Lord of War, Aircraft, Faction: Heretic Astartes, Machine Spirit, Faction: Traitoris Astartes
LinkId: d8be-ac11-2b09-b3b6
Hidden: false
Costs: 50 PL1000 pts
Options (5)
Battle Honours:
Battle Honours (Codex):
Rules (2)
Martial Legacy
if your army is Battle-forged, then when this unit is included in a Detachment, increase that Detachment's Command Cost by 1CP.
Let the Galaxy Burn
See page 145 of Codex: Chaos Space Marines


You cannot declare a charge with this model, and it can only be chosen as a target of a charge if the unit making the charge can FLY. You can only fight with this model if it is within Engagement Range of any enemy units that can FLY, and this model can only make melee attacks against units that can FLY. Enemy units can only make melee attacks against this model if they can FLY.
Colossal Flyer
Distances are always measured to and from this model's hull.
Explodes (6"/2D6/Transport)
When this transport is destroyed, roll one D6 before any embarked models disembark and before removing it from play. On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers 2D6 mortal wounds.
Hard to Hit
Each time a ranged attack is made against this model, subtract 1 from that attack's hit roll.
Hover Jet
In your Command phase, this model can hover. If it does, then until the start of your next Command phase, its Move characteristic becomes 20" and it loses the Airborne, Hard to Hit and Supersonic abilities.
Each time this model makes a Normal Move, Advances or Falls Back, first pivot it on the spot up to 90° (this does not contribute to how far the model moves), then move the model straight forwards. It cannot pivot again after the initial pivot.
Void Shields
This model has 2 void shields. Each void shield has 3 shield points. While this model has any void shields, it has a 5+ invulnerable save against ranged attacks. Each time a saving throw is failed for this model against a ranged attack, if it has any void shields, it does not suffer any damage. Instead, for each point of damage inflicted, one of its void shields loses 1 shield point. Once a void shield has lost a shield point, it must continue to lose shield points due to any firther damage inflicted until it collapses. Each time an attack causes a void shield to be reducedc to 0 shield points, that void shield collapses: this model loses that void shield and any excess damage inflicted by that attack is lost. Void shields can never be used to prevent mortal wounds (each mortal wound inflicted on a model with void shields causes that model to lose one wound as normal). At the start of your Command phase, if this model has a void shield that has fewer than 3 shield points remaining, that void shield is restored to 3 shield points.
Chaos Sokar Pattern Stormbird
This model has a transport capacity of 50 <LEGION> INFANTRY or <LEGION> BIKER models. Each JUMP PACK or TERMINATOR model takes up the space of 2 models, and each BIKER or CULT OF DESTRUCTION model takes up the space of 3 models. It can transport 1 <LEGION> CHAOS RHINO model, which (including any models embarked upon it) takes up the space of 25 models. Each POSSESSED models takes up the space of 2 models.
Chaos Stormbird 1 (21+ wounds remaining) 20-50"6+3+10840692+
Chaos Stormbird 2 (11-20 wounds remaining) 20-40"6+4+108N/AD692+
Chaos Stormbird 3 (1-10 wounds remaining) 20-30"6+5+108N/AD392+


add category Cogs of Vashtorr
1+ Army of Renown - Cogs of Vashtorr in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Alpha Legion
1 Alpha Legion in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Black Legion
1 Black Legion in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Creations of Bile
1 Creations of Bile in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Emperor's Children
1 Emperor's Children in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Iron Warriors
1 Iron Warriors in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Night Lords
1 Night Lords in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Red Corsairs
1 Red Corsairs in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Slaanesh
1 Emperor's Children in force (recursive)
add category Faction: Word Bearers
1 Word Bearers in force (recursive)
set CP -1
0 Narrative in force (recursive)
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