Mutoid Vermin

Type: unit
Category: No Force Org Slot
Categories: Faction: Chaos, Faction: Nurgle, Beast, Mutoid Vermin, No Force Org Slot
LinkId: 47e5-7995-2378-2da6
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 PL80 pts


max(No Force Org Slot): 0
Options (1)
Rules (1)
Disease Vectors
If your army is Battle-forged, you can include one GELLERPOX INFECTED unit and one MUTOID VERMIN unit in each DEATH GUARD or NURGLE TRAITORIS ASTARTES Patrol, Battalion and Brigade Detachment in your army without those units taking up Battlefield Role slots in those Detachments. The inclusion of these units does not prevent other units from their Detachment benefiting from Detachment abilities (e.g. Let the Galaxy Burn), and it does not prevent other units from your army benefiting from abilities that require every model in your army to have that ability. Units included in a Patrol, Battalion or Brigade Detachment in this manner are ignored for any rules that state all units from that Detachment must have at least one Faction keyword in common (e.g. in a matched play game), and when determining your Army Faction.


Mindless Fodder
Each time a Morale test is taken for this unit, it is automatically passed.
Spreading Vermin
If your army is Battle-forged, then for each GELLERPOX INFECTED unit included in a Detachment, one MUTOID VERMIN unit can be included in that Detachment without taking up a Battlefield Role slot. You cannot include more MUTOID VERMIN units in your army than there are GELLERPOX INFECTED units in it.
Unending Horde
Each time a model in this unit would lose a wound, roll one D6: on a 6, that wound is not lost. In addition, in your Command phase, you can return up to D3 destroyed models to this unit. Models returned to this unit can only be set up within Engagement Range of an enemy unit if this unit is already within Engagement Range of it.


increment max(No Force Org Slot) 1
repeat for every 1 Gellerpox Infected in force (recursive)
set hidden true
1+ Faction: Khorne in force (recursive)
1+ Faction: Tzeentch in force (recursive)
1+ Faction: Slaanesh in force (recursive)
1+ Faction: Chaos Undivided in force (recursive)
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