Type: unit
Category: Elites
Categories: Faction: , Faction: Aeldari, Elites, Infantry, Faction: Spirit Host, Wraithguard, Wraith Construct, Faction: Asuryani, Core
EntryId: ec4c-ec53-025c-8b6f
Hidden: false
Costs: 10 PL
Options (2)
Ranged Weapons (per entire unit):
Rules (1)
Strands of Fate
Refer to your Codex for details.


War Construct
Models in this unit can make attacks with ranged weapons even while their unit is within Engagement Range of enemy units, but each model can only make such attacks against enemy units that they are within Engagement Range of. In such circumstances, models in this unit can target an enemy unit even if other friendly units are within Engagement Range of the same enemy unit.
Wraithbone Form
Each time an attack is allocated to a model in this unit, subtract 1 from the Damage characteristic of that attack (to a minimum of 1).


add category Faction: Ynnari
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
add category Ynnari - Elites Asuryani
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
remove category Faction:
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
set PL 20
set hidden true
1+ Corsairs in force (recursive)
1+ Hide Wraith Units in force (recursive)
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