Novitiate Hospitaller

Type: model
Categories: NOVITIATE, Imperium, Adepta Sororitas, Medic, Novitiate Hospitaller
EntryId: 3d04-b563-ca1a-6327
Hidden: false
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Mantra of Restoration
Once per Turning Point, the first time another friendly NOVITIATE operative would be incapacitated while Visible to and within ⬛ of this operative, if this operative is not within Engagement Range of an enemy operative, this operative can revive it. That operative is not incapacitated, has 1 wound remaining, and if it would have been incapacitated by a shooting attack, any remaining attack dice are discarded. That other friendly operative can then perform a free Dash action, but must finish the move within ▲ of this operative. Subtract 1 from both operatives' APL.
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Novitiate Militant 3⬤ 2 1 3 4+ 7
Unique Actions
Chirurgeon's Tools (1AP)
Select one friendly NOVITIATE operative within ▲ of and Visible to this operative. That operative regains 2D3 lost wounds. An operative cannot be selected for this if it was revived using the Mantra of Restoration ability during this same Turning Point. This operative cannot perform this action if it is within Engagement Range of an enemy operative.
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