Vengence-class Scope

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 2b4b-c78e-aad8-1ec3
Hidden: false
Costs: 3 EP


max: 1
Rules (1)
Lethal x
Each time a friendly operative fights in combat or makes a shooting attack with this weapon, in the Roll Attack Dice step of that combat or shooting attack, your attack dice results of equal to or greater than x that are successful hits are critical hits. x is the number after the weapon's Lethal, e.g. Lethal 5+.


Vengence-class Scope
Select a bolt rifle or stalker bolt rifle this operative is equipped with. That rifle gains the Lethal 5+ special rule for the battle.


set hidden true
0 Bolt rifle in parent (recursive)
0 Stalker bolt rifle in parent (recursive)