Type: upgrade
EntryId: e655-676f-6649-8ec7
Hidden: false
Costs: 2 EP


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Rules (1)
No Cover
Each time a friendly operative makes a shooting attack with this weapon, for that shooting attack, defence dice cannot be automatically retained as a result of Cover (they must be rolled instead).


Unique Actions
Omnispex (1AP)
Select one friendly FORGE WORLD operative within ⬛ of and Visible to this operative, then select one enemy operative. Until the end of the Turning Point, each time that friendly operative makes a shooting attack, for that shooting attack: - That enemy operative is not Obscured. - If that enemy operative is the target, that friendly operative's ranged weapons have the No Cover special rule. This operative cannot perform a Shoot or Fight action in the same activation in which it performs this action. An operative cannot perform this action while within Engagement Range of enemy operatives.