Traitor Enforcer (counts as 2)

Type: model
Category: Four of:
Categories: Operative, Chaos, Militarum Traitoris, Traitor Enforcer, Four of:
EntryId: d708-f976-177d-df7a
Hidden: false
Options (8)


Gruelling Disciplinarian
While a friendly BLOODED operative is Visible to and within ⬛ of this operative, it is not treated as being injured (only ignore the modifier to its Movement characteristic as a result of being injured if it is activated with ⬛ of this operative).
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Traitor Enforcer 3⬤ 2 1 3 4+ 8
Unique Actions
Enforce (1AP)
Select one other friendly BLOODED operative that is not ready and is Visible to and within ⬛ of this operative. Then select one of the following: - That operative immediately performs a free Dash action. - If that operative has an Engage order, it can perform an Overwatch action. This operative cannot perform this action while within Engagement Range of an enemy operative.


remove category Four of:
force is Roster
set name Traitor Enforcer
set-primary category Operative
force is Roster