Battalion: Vengeful Throng

Type: upgrade
Category: Warscroll Battalion
Categories: Warscroll Battalion
LinkId: 9c1e-a82e-ceed-e92d
Hidden: true
Costs: 140 pts
Options (3)
0-4 Chaos Chariots or Chaos Gorebeast Chariots:
2-6 Chaos Knights or Chaos Marauder Horsemen:


Battalion Abilities

Headlong Charge
Once per battle, at the start of your charge phase, you can say that this battalion will make a headlong charge. If you do so, in that charge phase you can attempt to charge with a unit from this battalion if it is within 18" of the enemy instead of 12", and you can roll 3D6 instead of 2D6 when making charge rolls for units from this battalion. In addition, after each unit from this battalion makes a headlong charge move, pick one enemy unit within 1" of that charging unit and roll a dice. On a 5+ that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds at the end of the charge phase.


set hidden false
1 Host of Syll'esske in roster (recursive)
Used By (2)
Chaos - Slaanesh(Catalogue)