Drazhoath the Ashen

Type: unit
Category: Leader
Categories: CHAOS, LEGION OF AZGORH, HERO, DRAZHOATH THE ASHEN, MONSTER, WIZARD, DUARDIN, Behemoth, Leader, Unique, Behemoth, Leader
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Hidden: false
Costs: 345 pts


max(roster): 1
Options (7)


Command Abilities

Lord of the Black Fortress
Once per battle, you can use the Inspiring Presence command ability without a command point being spent if this model is picked to issue the command.

Damage Table

Variable 1

Variable 2

Variable 3

Variable 4

Drazoath Wounds Suffered Move Brazen Horns and Teeth Burning Hooves
Drazoath1 0-5 15" 3 6
Drazoath2 6-8 13" D3 5
Drazoath3 9-10 11" D3 4
Drazoath4 11+ 9" 1 3



Wizard 2/2
Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Flames of Azgorh.


Casting Value


Fireball 5 18"
If successfully cast, pick 1 enemy unit within range and visible to the caster. If that enemy unit has only 1 model, it suffers 1 mortal wound; if that enemy unit has 2-9 models, it suffers D3 mortal wounds; if that enemy unit has 10 or more models, it suffers D6 mortal wounds.






Drazhoath the Ashen * 13 8 4+

Unit Abilities

Blazing Body
At the start of the combat phase, roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3" of this unit. On a 4+, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.
Blood Rage
Add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made with this unit’s Brazen Horns if this unit made a charge move in the same turn.
This unit can fly.
Hellshard Amulet
This unit has a ward of 5+.
Prophet of Ash and Flame
Add 1 to casting rolls for this unit if it is within 1" of any terrain features with the Arcane or Mystical scenery rule from the Mysterious Terrain table (core rules, 28.1.3).
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