Skull Altar

Type: upgrade
Category: Scenery
Categories: Scenery
LinkId: 2549-37a4-9999-4228
Hidden: false


Unit Abilities

This terrain feature is a defensible terrain feature that can be garrisoned by 1 HERO with a Wounds characteristic of 8 or less.
Invoke Judgement
While a KHORNE HERO garrisons this terrain features, it can attempt to summon invocations in the same manner as a KHORNE PRIEST and benefits from the "Words of Hate" ability when it does so.
While any terrain feature with this scenery rule is on the battlefield, if a spell is miscast, the caster suffers D6 mortal wounds instead of D3.
Words of Hate
You can re-roll chanting rolls for friendly KHORNE PRIESTS wholly within 8" of this terrain feature.
Used By (1)
Chaos - Khorne(Catalogue)