Parent Protocols

Description: Select one of the following FOrge Worlds and use the dogma of that Forge World:Agripinaa, Graia, Lucius, Mars, Metalica, Ryza, Stygies VIII. This primary dogma does not have any associated secondary dogmas. If a CHARACTER model with this dogma gains a Warlord trait, they can have the Forge World Warlord Trait associated with the Forge World that you selected, instead of a Warlord trait from pages 66-67. If it does so, replace all instances of the Forge World keyword on that Warlord Trait, if any, with the name of the FOrge World that the CHARACTER is from.Unless the only units with this dogma are part of an Auxilary Support, Super-Heavy Auxilary amd/or FOrtification Network Detachment, you will gain access to that FOrge World Stratagems associated with the Forge world that you selected.