Emergency Disembarkation - 1 CP

Description: Use this Stratagem when a TRANSPORT model from your army is destroyed. All units that are embarked within that model can be set up wholly within 6" of the destroyed model when they disembark instead of the normal 3" before the model itself is removed from the battlefield. These units are not affected by the destroyed model's Explodes ability (or equivalent) - instead you must roll one D6 for each model you just set up on the battlefield. Instead of one model that disembarked (your choice) being destroyed on a roll of 1, one model that is disembarked (of your choice) is destroyed for each roll of 1 or 2. Units cannot declare a charge (pg 224) or perform a Heroic Intervention (pg 255) in the same turn that they disembarked from a destroyed TRANSPORT model.