Cabbalistic Rituals

Description: If every unit from your army (excluding UNALIGNED units) has the THOUSAND SONS keyword, your army becomes a Cabal of Sorcerers. At the start of your Psychic phase, generate Cabal points for your army for each mode with this ability that is on the battlefield. In your Psychic phase, you can spend any Cabal points you have to use Cabbalistic Rituals. Each time you do, reduce the total amount of Cabal points you have by the amount shown. At the end of your Psychic phase, any unspent Cabal points are lost. In your Psychic phase, unless otherwise specified, you can use each Cabbalistic Ritual once, and each unit from your army can only benefit from one Cabbalistic Ritual. A unit can only benefit from a Cabbalistic Ritual if it has that ability.