The Endless Grin

Type: upgrade
EntryId: f7fd-10b0-a490-5b08
Hidden: false


max(roster): 1
max: 1



The Endless Grin
- Each time the bearer would lose a wound, roll one D6: on a 6, that wound is not lost. - Once per battle, when the bearer is destroyed, you can use this Relic instead of using any other rules that are triggered when the bearer is destroyed. if you do so, mark the bearer's position then remove the bearer from the battlefield. At the end of the phase, roll one D6: on a 3+, set the bearer back up on the battlefield as close as possible to the position you marked and not within Engagement Range of any enemy unit, with D3 wounds remaining.


set hidden true
ancestor is not Faction: Emperor's Children
0 Warlord - EC in roster (recursive)
set hidden true
ancestor is Traitor Enforcer
parent is Cult Demagogue
ancestor is not Infantry