1. I am Alpharius

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 5f23-7503-a82d-053a
Hidden: false


max(roster): 1



I Am Alpharius
- After nominating this model to be your WARLORD, randomly determine one additional Warlord Trait for them (re-rolling duplicate results) from a Warlord Traits table of your choice that this model has access to. - If this WARLORD is destroyed, you can immediately select one other ALPHA LEGION CHARACTER model from your army that does not have a Warlord Trait, and select a Warlord Trait for that model to gain (this must be a Warlord Trait no other model from your army has, it must be one that model can have, and it cannot be I Am Alpharius). Until the end of the game, that model counts as your WARLORD for all rules purposes. If any mission objective, secondary objective or Agenda rules are triggered when your WARLORD is destroyed, those rules are not trigged until this new WARLORD is destroyed.