Type: unit
Category: Heavy Support
Categories: Heavy Support, Faction: , Faction: Aeldari, Faction: Harlequins, Vehicle, Fly, Voidweavers
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Hidden: false
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Luck of the Laughing God
Ignore the table listed in the Luck of the Laughing God ability. Instead, at the start of the battle round, you gain 0 Luck re-rolls, regardless of the battle size. You can only gain Luck re-rolls by making a Luck of the Laughing God roll.


Explodes (Voidweaver)

Each time a model in this unit is destroyed, roll one D6 before removing it from play. On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers 1 mortal wound.


Models in this unit have a 5+ Invulnerable save.

Hovering (Voidweavers)

Distances are measured to and from the hull or base (whichever is closest) of the closest model in the unit.

Mirage Launchers

Each time an attack is made against this unit, subtract 1 from that attack's hit roll and that attack's hit roll cannot be re-rolled.

Ride the Wind

Each time this unit Advances, do not make an Advance roll. Instead, until the end of the phase, add 6" to the Move characteristic of models in this unit.


add category Faction: Ynnari
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
add category Ynnari - Heavy Support Non-Asuryani
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
remove category Faction:
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
set hidden true
1+ Boarding Patrol in force (recursive)
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