Way Seeker

Type: model
Categories: Psyker
EntryId: c4af-0cdc-2c65-162a
Hidden: false
Costs: 25 pts


max: 1
Options (4)


Lodestar Helm
This unit never suffers Perils of the Warp.
Psyker CastDeny
Psyker (Way Seeker) 11
Powers Known: Smite. One from Runes of Fate OR Runes of Fortune.
Other: Each time this unit attempts to Deny the Witch, manifest a psychic power or perform a psychic actions, measure distances and draw line of sight from this unit's Way Seeker model. If enemy units have any abilities that require distances to be measured or line of sight to be drawn to PSYKER units, do so to this unit's Way Seeker model.
Weapon RangeTypeSAPDAbilities
Shuriken Pistol 12"Pistol 14-11Shuriken.
Way Seeker 7"3+3+331384+