Webway Gate

Type: model
Category: Fortification
Categories: Fortification, Terrain Feature, Obstacle, Webway Gate, Faction: Asuryani, Faction: Aeldari
LinkId: 46ca-bbfe-7d66-bca2
Hidden: false
Costs: 100 pts4 PL


Mysterious Appearance

During deployment, when you set up this unit, it can be set up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 12" from the enemy deployment zone and any enemy models. When this unit is set up on the battlefield, both of its Wraithbone Arches must be set up within 3" of each other. Once it has been set up, each Wraithbone Arch is treated as an Obstacle terrain feature with the following terrain traits: Light Cover, Heavy Cover, Unstable Position, Inspiring (AELDARI).

Webway Strike

Each time an AELDARI unit from your army arrives from Stategic Reserves, you can choose to set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is wholly within 6" of both of the Wraithbone Arches of a friendly WEBWAY GATE unit. If you do so, that AELDARI unit can be set up within 9" of enemy models. If an AELDARI unit is set up within Engagement Range of any enemy models in this way, it counts as having made a charge move this turn (Overwatach attacks cannot be made against that unit), and until the end of the turn, that unit can target any enemy unit it is within Engagement Range of with melee attacks, even though it did not declare a charge this turn.

Webway Travellers

If your army includes this unit and you are using the Strategic Reserves rule, you can halve the Command Point cost required to place AELDARI units into Strategic Reserve (rounding fractions down). This ability is not cumulative with any similar abilities (e.g. Prince of Corsairs, pg149).

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