Imperial Defence Line

Type: unit
Category: Fortification
Categories: Wall of Martyrs, Faction: Unaligned, Fortification, Wall of Martyrs
LinkId: 8b8d-e363-fe4f-6af3
Hidden: false
Costs: 90 pts5 PL
Options (2)


Stalwart Defence

Add 1 to the Leadership characteristic of models in IMPERIUM INFANTRY units whilst their unit is within an Imperial Defence Line.

Static Defence Network (Imperial)

Every model in this unit must be set up so that it is in end-to-end contact with at least one other friendly WALL OF MARTYRS model. After it is set up, models in this unit are treated as terrain features that follow the rules for Barricades (pg 106).


set hidden true
1+ Army of Renown - Crusher Stampede in roster (recursive)
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