Inquisitor Eisenhorn

Type: model
Categories: Faction: Ordo Xenos, Psyker, Inquisitor, Infantry, Faction: Inquisition, Faction: Imperium, Character, Faction: Agents of the Imperium
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Hidden: false
Costs: 5 PL85 pts


max(roster): 1
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Inquisitor Eisenhorn










Authority of the Inquisition

Infantry units with this ability can embark within any Imperium Transport model, even if that model normally only permits models with other Faction keywords to do so. All other restrictions apply normally (e.g. Terminator models can only embark within Transports that allow Terminator models to do so).

If your army is Battle-forged, no more than one Inquisitor unit can be included in each Inquisiton Detachment (i.e. a Detachment that includes only Inquisition units).

Malus Codicium

Once per battle, at the end of your Movement phase, you can use this ability. If you do, this model loses the Unquestionable Wisdom ability. Then set up a DAEMONHOST unit within 6” of this model and more than 9” away from any enemy models. Add 2 to that model’s Strength, Toughness, Wounds and Attacks characteristics. If this model is destroyed, that DAEMONHOST unit is also destroyed.

Note: The above additions have already been included in the profile for the Malus Codicium Daemonhost selection in this model entry.

No Stranger to Pain

When this model would lose a wound, roll one D6; on a 6 that wound is not lost.

Quarry - Xenos

When resolving an attack made by a model in this unit that targets a unit that is not Chaos, Imperium or Unaligned unit, you can re-roll the hit roll and you can re-roll the wound roll.

Radical Bond (Aura)

Whilst the DAEMONHOST model that was set up with this model’s Malus Codicium ability is within 6” of this model, when resolving an attack made by that model, add 1 to that attack's hit roll and wound roll, and when resolving an attack made against that model, add 1 to its invulnerable save for that attack.

Unquestionable Wisdom (Aura)

While a friendly Imperium unit is within 6" of this model, models in that unit can use this model’s Leadership characteristic instead of their own.

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Inquisitor Eisenhorn




Smite & 2 powers from the Telethesia discipline


add category Inquisitor - Boarding Patrol
1+ Boarding Patrol in roster (recursive)
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