Fabius Bile

Type: model
Categories: Character, Infantry, Agent of Chaos
EntryId: 71d5-94e9-c76b-4beb
Hidden: false


max: 1
min: 1
Options (7)


Enhance Warriors (Action)
At the end of your Movement phase, FABIUS BILE can start to perform this action. If he does so, select one friendly TRAITORIS ASTARTES CORE unit within 3" of FABIUS BILE which does not have the MARK OF CHAOS keyword or an enhancement. This action is completed at the end of your Shooting phase, provided the unit you selected it still within 3" of FABIUS BILE. If completed, roll one D3: until the end of the battle, the unit you selected gains the relevant enhancement from the table below.
The Chirurgeon
Each time FABIUS BILE would lose a wound, roll one D6; on a 5+ that wound is not lost. At the start of your Command phase, FABIUS BILE regains up to D3 lost wounds.
Fabius Bile 6"2+2+5466103+