Betraying Shades

Type: upgrade
EntryId: b365-8ef3-e24b-d46b
Hidden: false


max: 1


Psychic Power Warp ChargeRange
Betraying Shades



Witchfire. If manifested, select one enemy unit within 18" of and visible to this PSYKER. Select up to 6 models in that unit, and add together the unmodified Attacks characteristics of those models. Roll a number of D6 equal to the total (for example, if five of the selected models had an Attacks characteristic of 2, and one had an Attacks characteristic of 3, you would roll thirteen D6). If the result of the Psychic test was 11 or more, add 1 to each dice result. For each roll of 6+, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.