Warlord Traits (Reference)

Type: upgrade
Category: Configuration
Categories: Configuration
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Aura of Terror (Dreaded)

While an enemy unit is within Dread range of this WARLORD, each time a Morale test or Dread test is taken for that unit, your opponent must roll one additional D6 and discard the lowest result.

Eager for the Kill
  • Add 1 to Advance and Charge rolls made for this WARLORD.
  • While this WARLORD is within your opponent's deployment zone, add 1 to its Attacks characteristic.
Harbinger of Scrapcode

In the Morale phase, select one enemy VEHICLE unit within 18" of this WARLORD. That unit must take a Dread test. If the test is failed:

  • That unit suffers 3 mortal wounds.
  • Until the start of the next Morale phase, models in that unit whose characteristics can change as they suffer damage are considered to have half the number of wounds remaining for the purposes of determining what those characteristics are (models in that units whose characteristics do not change as they suffer damage instead reduce their Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill characteristics by 1).
Infernal Quest

This WARLORD has the Objective Secured ability.

Knight Diabolus
  • Add 1 to this WARLORD's Attacks characteristic.
  • Each time this WARLORD makes a melee attack, re-roll a hit roll of one.
Warp-haunted Hull
  • Once per turn, this WARLORD can attempt to Deny the Witch as if it were a PSYKER. If this WARLORD is a PSYKER, then in each enemy Psychic phase, it can instead attempt to Deny the Witch one additional time.
  • Each time this WARLORD loses a wound in the Psychic phase, roll one D6: on a 5+, that wound is not lost.