The Traitor's Mark

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 204c-6457-89a3-5e05
Hidden: false


max(roster): 1


The Traitor's Mark

Once per battle, at the start of any battle round after the first, after you have selected a Harbinger ability to be active for your army, you can select one other Harbinger ability from that battle round, regardless of what Harbinger ability was selected in the previous battle round. The selected Harbinger ability is active for the bearer for the rest of the battle. This does not affect what Harbinger ability you can select in the next battle round.

Traitor's Mark (Aura)

Whilst an enemy unit is in Dread range of the bearer, your opponent cannot select that unit to use the Insane Bravery Strategem on, nor can they use any rule that would let them re-roll a Morale test.

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