Type: model
Category: Dedicated Transport
Categories: Faction: , Faction: Aeldari, Dedicated Transport, Fly, Faction: Harlequins, Transport, Vehicle, Starweaver
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Hidden: false
Costs: 4 PL95 pts
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Starweaver 16"3+3+556484+
Starweaver - Transport
This model has a transport capacity of 6 HARLEQUINS <SAEDATH> INFANTRY models.
Explodes (Starweaver)
When this TRANSPORT model is destroyed, roll one D6 before any embarked models disembark and before removing it from play. On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers 1 mortal wound.
Models in this unit have a 5+ Invulnerable save.
Mirage Launchers
Each time an attack is made against this unit, subtract 1 from that attack's hit roll and that attack's hit roll cannot be re-rolled.
In your Shooting phase, units embarked within this TRANSPORT model can be selected to shoot, when doing so, measure distances and draw line of sight from any point on this TRANSPORT model's hull or base. If this TRANSPORT modelmade a Normal Move, Advanced or Fell Back this turn, embarked units are considered to have done the same. While this TRANSPORT model is within Engagement Range of any enemy units, embarked units cannot shoot, except with Pistols.
Ride the Wind
Each time this unit Advances, do not make an Advance roll. Instead, until the end of the phase, add 6" to the Move characteristic of models in this unit.


add category Faction: Ynnari
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
add category Ynnari - Dedicated Transport Non-Asuryani
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
remove category Faction:
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
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