Ur-Ghul (BSF)

Type: unit
Category: No Force Org Slot
Categories: Ur-Ghul, No Force Org Slot, Faction: Drukhari, Faction: , Infantry, Court of the Archon
LinkId: b295-b9d3-dfd1-a8ef
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 PL16 pts


max(force): 4
Options (1)


Court of the Archon
You can re-roll failed hit rolls for this model whilst it is within 3" of any friendly <KABAL> ARCHONS. In addition, if your army is Battle-forged, this model does not take up slots in a detachment that includes and <KABAL> ARCHONS. In a Battle-forged army in a matched play game, you can only include <KABAL> COURT OF THE ARCHON models in a detachment that also includes one or more <KABAL> ARCHONS, and you can only include a maximum of 4 COURT OF THE ARCHON models in the same detachment.
Ferocious Charge
Add 2 to this model's Attacks characteristic if it made a charge move in the same turn.
Insensible To Pain
This model has a 5+ invulnerable save.
Ur-Ghul 8"3+-433447+


add category Realspace Raider
1 Realspace Raid in force (recursive)
set hidden true
1+ Court of the Archon in force (recursive)
set hidden true
0 Archon in force (recursive)
set hidden true
Used By (1)
Aeldari - Drukhari(Catalogue)