Support Weapons

Type: unit
Category: Heavy Support
Categories: Faction: , Faction: Aeldari, Heavy Support, Vehicle, Support Weapon, Artillery, Guardians, Faction: Asuryani
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Hidden: false
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Strands of Fate
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Artillery and Crew

Each Support Weapon and its crew are treated as a single model for all rules purposes (crew models must remain within 1" of their Support Weapon model). This means that the crew models cannot be targeted or attacked separately, and that visibility and all ranges are measured to and from the Support Weapon model. This unit cannot Advance, is never eligible to declare a charge or perform a Heroic Intervention and cannot make pile-in or consolidation moves.


add category Faction: Ynnari
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
add category Ynnari - Heavy Support Asuryani
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
remove category Faction:
1 Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
set hidden true
1+ Corsairs in force (recursive)
1+ Hide Guardian Units in force (recursive)
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