Corsair Voidscarred

Type: unit
Category: Elites
Categories: Elites, Faction: Aeldari, Faction: Anhrathe, Faction: Asuryani, Faction: Drukhari, Infantry, Corsair Voidscarred
LinkId: 698c-639c-48bd-1fc4
Hidden: false
Costs: 4 PL
Options (5)
Special Characters:


Outcasts and Pirates

If your army is Battle-Forged, this unit cannot be used as a compulsory selection in a Detachment (e.g. as one of only three Elites units in a Vanguard Detachment), unless that Detachment only contains ANHRATHE units.

Reavers of the Void

Each time a model in this unit makes an attack, an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically wounds the target (and is treated as an unmodified wound roll of 6).


add category Non-Compulsory Elite
0 Corsairs in force (recursive)
set PL 8
7+ model in Corsair Voidscarred (recursive)
set hidden true
1+ Ynnari: Strength From Death in force (recursive)
set hidden true
Used By (2)
Aeldari - Drukhari(Catalogue)