Incursor Warrior

Type: model
Category: Operative
Categories: Operative, PHOBOS STRIKE TEAM, Imperium, Adeptus Astartes, Primaris, Incursor, Warrior
EntryId: 1b6e-c39b-3389-f7a4
Hidden: false
Options (7)


Multi-spectrum Array
When determining if an intended target is in this operative's Line of Sight: - For the intended target to be Obscured, it must be more than 2⬤ (instead of ⬤) from a point at which a Cover line crosses a terrain feature that is Obscuring. - Areas of smoke (e.g. smoke grenade) have no effect.
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Incursor Warrior 3⬤ 3 1 3 3+ 12
Unique Actions
Guerilla Warfare (1AP)
Change this operative's order. This operative cannot perform this action during the first Turning Point or while within ⬟ of an enemy operative.