Incursor Marksman

Type: model
Category: Operative
Categories: Operative, PHOBOS STRIKE TEAM, Imperium, Adeptus Astartes, Primaris, Incursor, Marksman
EntryId: 222a-0b1f-04a8-7a4e
Hidden: false
Options (7)


Multi-spectrum Array
When determining if an intended target is in this operative's Line of Sight: - For the intended target to be Obscured, it must be more than 2⬤ (instead of ⬤) from a point at which a Cover line crosses a terrain feature that is Obscuring. - Areas of smoke (e.g. smoke grenade) have no effect.
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Incursor Marksman 3⬤ 3 1 3 3+ 12
Unique Actions
Guerilla Warfare (1AP)
Change this operative's order. This operative cannot perform this action during the first Turning Point or while within ⬟ of an enemy operative.
Track Target (1AP)
Once this Turning Point, during an enemy operative's activation, after that operative performs an action, you can interrupt that activation. If you do so, this operative can perform an Overwatch action (if it has a Conceal order, change it to an Engage order to do so). It must make that shooting attack against the enemy operative using its stalker marksman bolt carbine (if it is a valid target). If that enemy operative is not incapacitated or revived as a result, finish its activation. This action is treated as a shooting action with a bolt weapon for the purposes of action restrictions, although this operative can perform this action if it has a Conceal order.