Throwing Knife

Type: upgrade
EntryId: f1eb-e7d3-1609-f96a
Hidden: false
Costs: 2 EP


max: 1
Rules (3)
Rng x
Each time a friendly operative makes a shooting attack with this weapon, only operatives within x are a valid target. x is the distance after the weapon's Rng, e.g. Rng ⬟. All other rules for selecting a valid target still apply.
This weapon can only be selected for use once per battle. If the weapon has a special rule that would allow it to make more than one shooting attack for an action (e.g. Blast), make each of those attacks as normal.
While an operative has a Conceal order, it can perform Shoot actions if this is the ranged weapon (or weapon profile) that is selected for the shooting attack(s).


Weapons A WS/BS D SR !
Throwing Knife 5 3+ 2/5 Rng ⬟, Limited, Silent -