Legionary 1 - Apostle of Chaos

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 22e8-27d2-d5a1-10f5
Hidden: false


max: 1
Rules (1)
Favoured of the Dark Gods
Once per Turning Point, when it is your turn to use a Strategic Ploy, if any friendly operatives with this ability are in the kill zone, you can use a Strategic Ploy without spending any CPs; that Strategic Ploy must have the same <MARK OF CHAOS> selectable keyword as one friendly operative with this ability. For example, if an operative with this ability has the KHORNE keyword, you could use the Blood for the Blood God Strategic Ploy. If an operative with this ability has the UNDIVIDED keyword, you can use the following Strategic Ploys for this ability instead: Hateful Assault, Malicious Volleys.


Battle Honours
Apostle of Chaos
This operative gains the Favoured of the Dark Gods ability.
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