Regimental Standard*

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 953c-a951-69b4-5ad2
Hidden: false
Costs: 3 EP


max: 1
max(roster): 1


Regimental Standard
When determining control of an objective marker, treat this operative's APL characteristic as being 1 higher. Note that this is not a modifier. In narrative play, this is cumulative with the Focused Battle Honour.
Unique Actions
Plant the Standard (1AP)
Until the end of the Turning Point, while this operative is Visible to and within ⬛ of a friendly IMPERIAL GUARD operative with the same <REGIMENT> or <TEMPESTUS REGIMENT> keyword as this operative, that friendly operative is inspired by the regimental standard. While an operative is inspired by the regimental standard, each time a shooting attack is made against it, in the Roll Defence Dice step of that shooting attack, you can re-roll one of your defence dice.