Scatter laser

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 025d-df01-31b2-ab69
Hidden: false
Rules (3)
Each time a friendly operative fights in combat or makes a shooting attack with this weapon, in the Roll Attack Dice step of that combat or shooting attack, you can re-roll any or all of your attack dice results of 1.
Each time a friendly operative performs a Shoot action and selects this weapon, after selecting a valid target, you can select any number of other valid targets within ⬤ of the original target. Distribute your attack dice between the targets you have selected. Make a shooting attack with this weapon (using the same profile) against each of the targets you have selected using the attack dice you have distributed to each of them.
An Operative cannot perform a Charge, Fall Back or Normal Move action in the same activation in which it performs a Shoot action with this ranged weapon.


Weapons A WS/BS D SR !
⌖ Scatter laser 5 3+ 4/5 Heavy, Ceaseless, Fusillade