Aeldari missile launcher

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 90f0-7f30-8847-c369
Hidden: false
Rules (3)
Each time a friendly operative makes a shooting attack with this weapon, subtract x from the Defence of the target for that shooting attack. x is the number after the weapon's AP, e.g. AP1. If two different APx special rules would be in effect for a shooting attack, they are not cumulative - the attacker selects which one to use.
Blast x
Each time a friendly operative performs a Shoot action and selects this weapon (or, in the case of profiles, this weapon’s profile), after making the shooting attack against the target, make a shooting attack with this weapon (using the same profile) against each other operative Visible to and within X of the original target – each of them is a valid target and cannot be in Cover. X is the distance after the weapon’s Blast, e.g. Blast . An operative cannot make a shooting attack with this weapon by performing an Overwatch action.
An Operative cannot perform a Charge, Fall Back or Normal Move action in the same activation in which it performs a Shoot action with this ranged weapon.


Weapons A WS/BS D SR !
⌖ Aeldari missile launcher - Starshot 4 3+ 5/7 Heavy, AP1 -
⌖ Aeldari missile launcher - Sunburst 4 3+ 3/5 Heavy, Blast ⬤ -