Heavy stubber

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 7f09-4425-0948-d9da
Hidden: false
Rules (3)
An Operative cannot perform a Charge, Fall Back or Normal Move action in the same activation in which it performs a Shoot action with this ranged weapon.
Each time a friendly operative fights in combat or makes a shooting attack with this weapon, in the Roll Attack Dice step of that combat or shooting attack, you can re-roll any or all of your attack dice results of 1.
Each time a friendly operative performs a Shoot action and selects this weapon, after selecting a valid target, you can select any number of other valid targets within ⬤ of the original target. Distribute your attack dice between the targets you have selected. Make a shooting attack with this weapon (using the same profile) against each of the targets you have selected using the attack dice you have distributed to each of them.


Weapons A WS/BS D SR !
⌖ Heavy stubber 5 4+ 3/4 Heavy, Ceaseless, Fusillade -


set max(roster) 1