Assault Grenadier Pathfinder

Type: model
Categories: PATHFINDER, T'au, Assault Grenadier Pathfinder
EntryId: 97a4-eba8-936b-a6b2
Hidden: false
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This operative is equipped with EMP, fusion and photon grenades and they do not cost any equipment points.
Nanocrystalline Headgear
You can ignore any or all modifiers to this operative's APL and to the Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill characteristics of its melee and ranged weapons respectively.
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Shas'la Pathfinder 3⬤ 2 1 3 5+ 7
Unique Actions
Markerlight (1AP)
Select one enemy operative Visible to this operative. That enemy operative gains 1 Markerlight token. An operative cannot perform this action if it is within Engagement Range of an enemy operative. If an operative would perform this action and a Shoot action in the same activation, only the target of that Shoot action's shooting attack can be selected for this action.
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