Kurnite Hunter

Type: model
Category: Operative
Categories: CORSAIR VOIDSCARRED, Aeldari, Anhrathe, Voidscarred Kurnite Hunter, Operative
EntryId: d156-3b3b-9667-dcd1
Hidden: false
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Aeldari Raiders
Each time this operative is activated, it can perform a free Dash action during that activation.
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Kurnite Hunter 3⬤ 2 1 3 4+ 8
Unique Actions
Faolchu (1AP)
Select one enemy operative with a Conceal order that is Visible to this operative and roll one D6, adding one to the result for each of the following: - That enemy operative is within ⬟ of this operative. - That enemy operative is not ready. - That enemy operative is not within ▲ of Heavy terrain. On a 6+, until the end of the Turning Point, friendly CORSAIR VOIDSCARRED operatives treat that enemy operative as if it has an Engage order. This operative cannot perform this action if it is within Engagement Range of an enemy operative.
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