Endless Spell: Aethervoid Pendulum

Type: upgrade
Category: Malign Sorcery
Categories: ENDLESS SPELL, Malign Sorcery
LinkId: 712e-b7d1-3913-9558
Hidden: false
Costs: 30 pts


max(roster): 1



Casting Value


Summoning 5 8"
If successfully cast, set up the endless spell wholly within range of the caster. When this endless spell is set up, pivot the model so that the tip of the pendulum blade is pointing in the direction you wish the endless spell to move.

Unit Abilities

This unit can fly.
This endless spell is a predatory endless spell. It can move up to 8" and can fly. When you move this endless spell, it must move in a straight line in the direction the tip of the pendulum blade is pointing.
Scything Blade
After this endless spell has moved, roll a dice for each unit that has any models it passed across, and for each other unit that is within 1" of it at the end of its move. On a 2+, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
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