Endless Spell: Shards of Valagharr

Type: upgrade
Category: Malign Sorcery
Categories: ENDLESS SPELL, Malign Sorcery
LinkId: 020d-e153-380a-6ece
Hidden: false
Costs: 40 pts


max(roster): 1



Casting Value


Summoning 5 18"
If successfully cast, set up the parts of this spell wholly within 12" of each other and wholly within range of the caster.

Unit Abilities

Ensnaring Soul-drain
After this endless spell has moved, draw a straight line between the closest points of each part of this endless spell. Each unit that has any models passed across by this line is ensnared until the end of that turn. Halve the Move characteristic of a unit that is ensnared. In addition, a unit that is ensnared cannot fly or be removed from the battlefield with an effect that would allow it to be set up again in the same turn.
This endless spell is a predatory endless spell. To move this endless spell, remove 1 of its parts from the battlefield and set it up again wholly within 12" of its other part.
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