Immortal Champion

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 4ddc-3667-9f98-42e2
Hidden: false


min: 1
max: 1


Heroic Action

Ecstatic Carnage
SLAANESH DAEMON PRINCE only. If this unit makes a charge move this turn, add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of this unit's melee weapons until the end of the turn.
Eldritch Architect
Tzeentch Daemon Prince only. If it is the enemy hero phase, you can roll a dice each time a spell targets this unit. On a 2+, that spell has no effect on this unit. If it is your hero phase, and this unit is part of a SLAVES TO DARKNESS army, this unit can attempt to cast 1 spell from the Lore of the Damned in the same manner as a WIZARD. If this unit is already a WIZARD, this spell is in addition to any others it can attempt to cast.
Eroding Miasma
NURGLE DAEMON PRINCE only. Until the end of the turn, ward rolls cannot be made for enemy units while they are within 3" of this unit.
Fiendish Speed
UNDIVIDED DAEMON PRINCE only. Until the end of the turn, the strike-first effect applies to this unit.
Pledge of Skulls
KHORNE DAEMON PRINCE only. Until the end of the turn, each time an enemy model is slain by wounds allocated from attacks made by this unit, heal 1 wound allocated to this unit.

Unit Abilities

Immortal Champion
You can carry out one of the following heroic actions with this unit instead of any other heroic actions you can carry out with it.