Endless Spell: Eightfold Doom-Sigil

Type: upgrade
Category: Malign Sorcery
Categories: ENDLESS SPELL, Malign Sorcery
LinkId: 3a3a-0307-ce70-5b5b
Hidden: false
Costs: 40 pts


max(roster): 1



Casting Value


Summoning 5 6"
If successfully cast, set up this endless spell wholly within range and visible to the caster, and more than 1" from all models, other endless spells and invocations. Only SLAVES TO DARKNESS WIZARDS can attempt to summon this endless spell.

Unit Abilities

Empowered by Atrocity
Keep track of the number of models that are slain within 12" of this endless spell each turn. At the end of each turn, roll a dice for each model that was slain within 12" of this endless spell during that turn. For each 3+, the player whose turn is taking place must pick 1 SLAVES TO DARKNESS unit wholly within 18" of this endless spell. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that unit’s melee weapons (excluding those of its mounts) until that player’s next hero phase. A unit cannot benefit from this ability more than once per turn.
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