Nurgle Warscroll Battalion: Contagium Overlord

Type: upgrade
Category: Warscroll Battalion
Categories: Warscroll Battalion, Battalion, Nurgle Warscroll Battalion
EntryId: d369-dbaf-cfb3-58de
Hidden: true


Battalion Abilities

Vectors of Contagion
Each time an enemy unit is destroyed by an attack made in the combat phase by a unit from this battalion, you receive 1 contagion point.

Battalion Organisation

Warscroll Battalion: Contagium Overlord
1 MAGGOTKIN OF NURGLE MORTAL HERO 0-1 Rotbringer Sorcerer 0-1 Harbinger of Decay


set hidden false
1+ Allegiance: Nurgle in roster (recursive)
Used By (1)
Chaos - Nurgle(Catalogue)