One-Eyed Grunnock - Warstomper Mercenary

Type: unit
Category: Leader
LinkId: 129d-733f-cd31-86a6
Hidden: false
Costs: 420 pts


max(roster): 1
Options (5)







Warstomper Mega-Gargant * 35 7 4+

Unit Abilities

Almighty Jump
Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with this unit's Jump Up and Down that target an enemy unit with a Wounds characteristic of 3 or less.
Crushing Charge
After this unit makes a charge move, roll a dice for each enemy unit within 1" of this unit. On a 2+, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds if it is a MONSTER or D6 mortal wounds if it is not a MONSTER.
Death Grip
When determining the damage inflicted by an attack made with this unit's Death Grip that targets an enemy MONSTER, you can roll 2 dice instead of 1 and pick either result.
Hurled Body
After this unit makes a pile-in move, pick 1 enemy model within 3" of it and roll a dice. Add the Hurled Body modifier shown on this unit’s damage table to the roll. If the roll is at least double that enemy model’s Wounds characteristic, it is slain and you can roll another dice. On a 4+, pick an enemy unit within 12" of this unit and visible to it. That unit suffers a number of mortal wounds equal to the Wounds characteristic of the slain model.
When this unit makes a normal move, runs or retreat, it can pass across other models that are not MONSTERS and parts of terrain features that are less than 4" tall in the same manner as a unit that can fly.
Shake the Earth
Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made by enemy units within 6" of this unit if this unit made any Jump Up and Down attacks earlier in the same phase.
Son of Behemat
If the effect of a spell or ability would slay this model without any wounds or mortal wounds being caused by the spell or ability, this model suffers D6 mortal wounds instead of being slain.
Enemy units cannot receive the Inspiring Presence command while they are within 3" of any friendly units with this ability.
If this model is slain, before removing the model from the battlefield, the players must roll off. The winner picks a point on the battlefield 5" from the slain model. Each unit within 3" of that point that is not a MEGA-GARGANT suffers D3 mortal wounds. The slain model is then removed from the battlefield.
Titanic Boulderclub
The Attacks characteristic of a Titanic Boulderclub is equal to the number of enemy models within 3" of the attacking model. Add the Titanic Boulderclub value on the attacking model’s damage table to the total, and add 4 to the total for each enemy MONSTER within 3" of the attacking model. If the modified Attacks characteristic of the Titanic Boulderclub is more than 10, count it as being 10.


set hidden true
force is Coalition
force is Coalition
force is Coalition
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