Battalion: Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterstorm (Open Play)

Type: upgrade
Category: Warscroll Battalion
Categories: Warscroll Battalion
LinkId: 998d-f80c-337e-a974
Hidden: false
Options (6)
1 Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer:
1 unit of Blood Warriors:
1 unit of Bloodreavers:
1 unit of Mighty Skullcrushers:
1 unit of Wrathmongers:
Skaar Bloodwrath:


Battalion Abilities

Fuelled by Blood
In your hero phase, pick one unit from this battalion that is within 8" of Skarr Bloodwrath and within 3" of an enemy unit. The unit you pick can immediately attack as if it were the combat phase.
Used By (1)
Chaos - Khorne(Catalogue)