Bloodmarked Warband

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 6463-ca3b-28c0-64b7
Hidden: false
Costs: 160 pts


min: 1
max: 1


Battalion Abilities

Blood Rage
If any HERO from a Bloodmarked Warband slays an enemy model in the combat phase, then all other units from that warband within 16" become filled with an unstoppable blood rage. Add 1 to the Attacks of any melee weapons used by those units for the rest of the combat phase.
Brand of the Blood God
[...] If the number of models in a unit from a Bloodmarked Warband is a multiple of 8 when it is first set up, you can re-roll wound rolls of 1 for the unit for the duration of the battle.
Raised to Greatness
If a HERO from this warband is slain, pick another model in the warband that is not a HERO. That model adds 1 to the Attacks of all its melee weapons, becomes a HERO, and is treated as a separate unit for the rest of the Battle.